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Laser Diode modules, DPSS Laser F-Theta (Scan) Lens, CCD Lens, Illuminators Beamexpander (Variable, Fixed), Focusing Lens
Optical Scanner (Galvometer) Analog / Digital Driver, Controller High Power Femtosecond Fiber Laser
Laser eyesafety components, Cavity, Rods, Beam Dump UV & IR Detector(Screen), Accessories MPB Communications Inc. Fiber Laser (CW,Pulse,Pico,Femto Mode Locked)
High Power Optical Fiber, V-groove & Array, Bundle Optical Fiber (Grade, Step, Singlemode, Multimode) Power / Energy Meter, Beam Profiler Diode Laser, Wavelength Meter
Laser Range Finder Receiver, Laser Diode Driver Capactor Charging P/S, Simmer supplies, Laser Controller Pulse fiber laser CW fiber laser
Acousto-optics, Fiber-optics, Custom fabrication and A-R coating. DPSS “eye-safe” 1,5 um CW erbium laser Beam Expander & Reducer / Motorized Beam Expander & Reducer Manaul Laser Attenuator / Motorized Laser Beam Expander UV-NIR beam visualizers / Infrared (IR) viewers
Interferometer, Core Eccentricity Measurement UV Curing Machine, UV Adhesive EO System, Pulse Picker System, Regen System, Pockels Cells, Q-Switches, HV Drivers, Non-Linear Optic System
Pulse Laser DPSS Laser CO2 Beam Profiler
Polygon Mirror, Motor & Controller Custom made Polygon Mirror 266nm, 355nm Series UV Lasers, 532nm Series Green Lasers Agent Products (Controller), Mechanical Processing Service
Femtosecond Fiber Laser, EDFA GHz Picosecond High Speed Fiber Laser 2um Q-Switched & Mode Lock Fiber Laser for Industy & Medical.
SM fiber/ Photosensitive fiber/ Multicore fiber/ PM fiber/ Spun HiBi fiber/ Doped fiber/ Passive Cladding pumped fiber/ MM fiber/ Fiber Fragg Grating(FBG)/ Beam Profiler, Beam Position Detector Beam Angle / Alignment System
Femtosecond Yb:KGW based laser system Femto,Picosecond laser Laser beam deflection and Position systems // SCANcube, hurrySCAN, intelliSCAN, exelliSCAN, RTC board, XL SCAN
Aspheres lens / Axicons lens / Acylinders / Spheres / Beam expansion LN Wafer (Saw, Optical) PPLN
Far IR Detector (PbS, PbSe), Array Infrared Emitter Acousto-Optic Products : Standard, semi-standard, OEM, and custom, Electronics and subsystems, Complete design and manufacturing capability .
General Optics and equipments Laser, Optics, Spectroscopy, Cameras. Lens, Lighting, Frame Grabbers, Fibre Optics, Metrology, Temperature Measurement & Control, Stanford Research Systems Instrumentation, Scanning Electron Microscopes, Pulsed Light Sources
Picosecond Fiber Laser & Tunable Laser Pico Progrmable, MOFA, Synchronized Programable Laser Samarium, Windows, Beam Splitters, Prisms, Cylindrical Lenses, Laser Flow Tubes, Panels, Mirrors, Wedges, Spherical Lenses, Custom Shaped Optics
Lens, Cavity Optics, Beam Handling Optics, Windows, Mirrors, Materials Service : Optical Fabrication, Coating, Engeneering Service, etc... High quality standard and custom silicon (Si) photodiodes, LEDs, IR LEDs, and LED arrays, Ultraviolet (UV)/Extreme UV/Absolute X-Ray photodetectors, opto-electronic assemblies, and custom solutions for a variety of industrial, biomedical, scientific, and military/aerospace applications.
Optical Filters Scanner Controller & Software USC1 / USC2 / USC3 / AEB-2 (Analog to digital convertor for galvanometer) SamLight / SAM
Gas Laser Diode Laser Ultrafast Laser Optics
Fiber coupler / collimator /fiber couplead laser sources / fiber coupled accessories / Laser line generator with Laser module Laser cutting / Laser welding / Laser cladding
Crystals, Standard / Custom made Optics / Mechanics Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, UV Laser, Q-Switch, SLM and RGB Laser with Variety wavelength
Infrared Test equioments Beam Profiling, Focusing, Collimating Measurement M2, Pointing Measurement System
Diffractive optics (Beam Shaping/Top-Hat/Flat-Top, Homogenizer/Diffuser, Beam Splitting/ MultiSpot, Beam Sampling, vortex lens, Dual wavelength, Multifocal lens, etc...) High Power Lamp pump CW/Q-Switch YAG Laser
Femtosecond Laser system, Fiber Oscillator Optical Parametric Amplifier Laser Lamp, Tube and accessories
Liquid Light Guide, UV Light Source IR Coagulator 1064, 532, 473nm DPSS Laser, Green Diode Laser Laser Crystal, Non-Linear Crystal, Optics,
Femtosecond Laser, Ti-Sapphire, Cr: Forsterite Amplifiers, Disgnostics, Components, Optomechanics End pumped Q-Switch YAG, YVO4, YLF Laser
Low Power Isolator (free sapce, mini, fiberoptic) Reflector, Converter, Stretcher Optical Displacement system, Phase Demodulator Reflector, Converter, Stretcher
Fiber Optic Components (Circulator, Isolator etc) SLED, EDFA, Pump Laser Laser(pulsed-dye, dye, CW, Ti:Sa, Excimer),Laser Dyes Optomechanic(Screws, Mirror&Lens Mounts, Posts, XYZ Table)
Laser Crystal, Rods Special Crystal Optics and Optical Instruments, Laser, Microscopy Machine Vision part, Fiber components
Diode Laser, Line and Pattern Generator, mounts Fiber Coupled Diode Laser Optics, IR Optics, Thermal Imaging Lens Custom Optics
Red First Contact Polymer Refractive Index Liquids, Brix Liquids, Laser Liquids Optical Gel
SLT, PPSLT, PPKTP, PPLN, KTP RTP, LBO, BBO, Cr:YAG, BN Laser Dyes, Absorbers
Ge, InGaAs, InAs, InAn detectors Preamplifier, Position Sensor IR Viewer (Electron)