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* High scan rates … over 100 KHz!
* Accuracy to 10 arc seconds and facet flatness to 1/8 wavelength
* Optical coatings for all laser wavelengths, UV to IR
* Polygons over 300 mm in diameter with any number of facets
* Normal Facets, Pyramidal Mirrors and Angled Facets for 2D scanning
* MEDICAL – LASIK, Dermatology, Retinal Imaging, X-Ray Film Digitizing…
* BIO-MEDICAL – OCT, OFDI, Confocal Microscopy, Biological Screening…
* AGRICULTURAL – Food Inspection, Sorting, Wood Structure…
* PROCESS CONTROL – Web Inspection, Defect Detection, Semiconductor…
* PRINTING – Large Format Laser Printers, High Res Computer To Plate…
* SCANNING – 2D/3D, Low Light, Monochromatic, High Optical Density…
* TERRAIN MAPPING – LIDAR/LADAR, Range Finding, Collision Avoidance…
* METROLOGY – Laser Radar, Laser Micrometer, Surface Analysis…
* HIGH POWER – Welding, Cutting, Perforation, Heating, Ablation…
* Other Applications – Any industries that require the precision movement, 
#1 : mirrors.pdf
#3 : Polygon Mirror Application.pdf

Diamond Machined | Conventionally Polished

Lincoln Laser's polygon mirrors span the entire range from high-volume components to the most sophisticated products available. Our manufacturing integrates state-of-the-art equipment, machine tools, and facilities and can successfully tackle the toughest fabrication challenges, including components with low scatter surfaces, high surface flatness, minimum pyramidal error, tight mechanical tolerances as well as specially optimized optical coatings.

Selecting the right Polygonal Mirror for your needs
Lincoln Laser offers a complete selection of diamond turned and conventionally polished mirrors for both standard and custom design applications. Lincoln Laser application engineers will assist you in selecting or designing the precise solution to your scanning requirements.

1. Diamond Machined Mirrors   

 - General Properties    

  Diamond machined polygonal mirrors are manufactured from 5052 aluminum alloy. 

   •Flatness to l/8 per inch
   •Automated manufacturing process

 - General Areas of Application  

   •Bar Code Scanning, Laser Printing, Graphic Arts, Laser Marking, Infrared Imaging, Inspection

2. Conventionally Polished Mirrors 

 - General Properties 

  Conventionally polished polygonal mirrors are manufactured from electroless nickel plated 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. 

   •Optical surfaces exhibit LOW SCATTER
   •Durable and scratch resistant, meets MIL C-675 STANDARD
   •Flatness to l/8 per inch
   •Relatively higher cost - labor intensive process

 - General Areas of Application 

   •Gray Scale Printing, Film Writing, Image Display, Web Inspection, Robotic Vision, Laser Inspection

@ Detail spec` are as in data sheet