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AC Motors

Lincoln Laser has pioneered the use of AC hysteresis synchronous motors in laser scanning systems.

These motors are inherently quite simple and provide dependable rotor integrity at low speeds (300-2000 rpm) - as well as at extremely high speeds (40,000 rpm and higher).

Air Bearing & Ball Bearing Motors

Lincoln Laser offers both Air Bearing and conventional Ball Bearing scanner motor systems.
* Air Bearing Designs
 Ideally suited for polygonal mirrors weighing less than 120 grams - with speed ranges of 6,000 - 55,000 rpm (required in most high-end laser printers). MTBF exceeds 20,000 hours.
* Ball Bearing Designs
 Specified for larger polygonal mirrors (>120 grams) or applications which require wider ranges (1000 - 45,000 rpm).

Brushless DC Motors

The newer Lincoln Laser Brushless DC motors have demonstrably superior operating characteristics in the most frequently specified speed ranges.

These advanced BDC motors provide
• high efficiency
• high torque output
• excellent position accuracy

These are features that are proving essential in most new, state-of-the-art scanning system designs using 24 or 48 volt motors.

* High scan rates … over 100 KHz!
* Accuracy to 10 arc seconds and facet flatness to 1/8 wavelength
* Optical coatings for all laser wavelengths, UV to IR
* Polygons over 300 mm in diameter with any number of facets
* Normal Facets, Pyramidal Mirrors and Angled Facets for 2D scanning
Motor Controller
* multispeed and single speed board level designs
* Custom controller designs
* phase lock loop