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• State-of-the-Art, Dual-SoC embedded computer architecture
• Can be operated with or without a host PC as a network appliance
• COM-based API Interface and DLL library to third-party and user
application software packages. Also fully supports CTI ScanMaster
Designer software
• RTC Emulation Library to simplify integration into existing RTC-3/4
• Ethernet host computer interface to download or stream jobs, and to
monitor real-time status
• On-board flash memory without artificial vector list boundaries and
USB port for job storage and media portability
• Dynamic 16-bit 3-axis analog and digital galvanometer control
hardware and software supporting simultaneous XYZ scanning
• Synchronous analog and digital laser control providing pulse,
intensity, and gating controls for YAG, CO2, Fiber, and other lasers.
• Automatic lens distortion correction during microvectoring.
• Optional I/O “rear panel” board to simplify integration and for scan
head modularity
• Cost-effective Sub-Compact size integrates the
functions of a controller and XY2-100 receiver
• Buffered USB 2.0 connection to the host computer
• Direct cable-level interface for IPG lasers
• Eliminates the need for a XY2-100 conversion
• 3-Axis (XYZ) analog control
• 3-Axis XY2-100 output with status monitoring
• Marking on-the-fly support
• 12 Opto-isolated digital outputs
• Opto-isolated 0-5V analog laser power control
• 6 Opto-Isolated digital inputs
• 4 isolated digital high-speed PWM laser control
outputs for laser PWM or FPS
• Software programmable laser control connector
• RTC-compatible Universal API to facilitate the use
of existing user programs
• Available with horizontal or right angle connectors
• Optionally available in an enclosure with power
supplies and connector panel