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Trap-It Beam Dumps
TRAP-IT™ Laser Beam Dumps cover a broad spectrum of laser applications 
for trapping the laser beam with unparalleled safety. 
TRAP-IT™ Laser Beam Dumps are available in a variety of sizes in convection 
or water cooled models, and can be used with any type of laser.  
An adjustable stand for optical table mounting is also available

- Average Power Range 0-1000 Watts/Joules
- User with CW wave & Pulsed laser
- Non-Reflective, Matte Black Finish
- Cleanroom Friendly
- Mount inside Enclosures or on Optical Tables
Trap-It option Fiber mount and adapter
- For Trap-It beam dumper
Fiber Optic Connector Mount and Adapter Kit
- For Trap-It 0.75 inch and 2 inch aperture Laser Beam Dumps