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Laser Cavities

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  • Laser Cavities
  • Ceramic
  • Gold
#1 : Laser_pump_cavities.pdf

Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with the largest selection of retrofit pump cavities currently available.

Gold and ceramic are preferred cavity reflectors used in most laser systems. Laser SOS has developed a unique and proprietary gold plating process referred to as LaserGold. LaserGold plated cavities have been demonstrated to provide the highest reflective efficiency in the market. Laser SOS will also provide bespoke pump cavities to OEM’s and laser integrators on request.

Over the life time of the gold cavity, the reflective efficiency will reduce due to surface damage, contaminant deposits and possible corrosion. Providing that the reflective surfaces are not mechanically damaged, the cavity can be salvaged and re-plated. The cavities are then under plated with Nickel and over plated with LaserGold.

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