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Electronic Autocollimator

상세자료 및 첨부파일 참조

Measurement of mirror angle
Straightness measurement of linear stages
Characterization of rotation stage
Measurement of wedge, prism and polygon angles
Measurement of reflecting surface parallelism
Measurement of surface flatness
Alignment of optical setups
Machine alignment
CD/DVD ROM alignment
Thermal stability measurements
Vibration analysis
#1 : autocollimator_Yellow.pdf
#2 : Autocollimator_tutorial.pdf

Electronic Autocollimator

Precise USB2.0 device combining the functionality of autocollimator and alignment telescope

autocollimator Y 2012 blue small

The system measures minute angular displacements for various optical setups alignment tasks.

The system offers portable, compact and accurate beam alignment solution. Our precision electronic autocollimator has built in adjustment features, such as coarse alignment telescope, leveling bubble, adjustment pan tilt knobs, enhancing the unprecedented alignment procedure.

The application program can be used on any Notebook computer with Windows 7 OS (32 & 64 bit). ActiveX software for integration in customer's application program is also available.

Multiple devices control via USB port is possible. Data streaming via TCP/IP communication protocol or RS232 .

A complete system including a collimator unit with USB2.0 CCD camera, and software on CD disk.