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Spectrometer ASP-150
* Tunable
* Compact
* High resolution up to 0.017 nm
* USB interface
* No power supply unit
* Synchronization input/output

- Laser wavelength control
- Plasma control
- Luminescence control
- Precise analysis of different light sources

#1 : Spectrometer_ASP-150C.pdf
#2 : ASP150_drawing.pdf

Model: ASP-150C(150T)

The ASP-150C spectrometer is an ideal choice for a wide variety of different optical applications with its flexible tuning and high resolution.
   The ASP-150T model is able to carry out measurements in a wider spectral range without any losses in resolution, owing to a special rotating mechanism.
   There is always a place for the ASP-150C on the optical table due to its small size, functionality and friendly interface.
    Models ASP-150CF and ASP-150TF have the special fiber input with a spectral slit, the size of which is conditioned with the detector. It allows measurement of either free-space or fiber signals without any realignment. However, it is not recommended to use fiber to measure spectrum of a femtosecond laser due to signal modulation and subsequent spectrum distortion.