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Spectrometer ASP-100M
* Flexible settings selection 
* Miniature 
* High resolution down to 0.05nm
* USB interface
* Fiber input for model ASP-100MF 
* No additional power supply
* Synchronization input/output
* Software included

- Laser wavelength control
- Plasma control
- Luminescence control
- Spectral analysis of different light sources

#1 : Spectrometer_ASP-100M.pdf
#2 : ASP100M_drawing.pdf


Model: ASP-100M

The miniature spectrometer ASP-100M has 122x60x50 mm dimensions and weight 300 grams. The simplicity of the design allows to combine broad spectral range and high resolution with more than compact size. The device can be used in various space-demanding applications and also for OEM integration in any devices.
   Model ASP-100MF features a special fiber input with a spectral slit, the size of which is conditioned with the detector. It allows measurement of either free-space or fiber signals without any realignment. However, it is not recommended to use fiber to measure spectrum of a femtosecond laser due to signal modulation and subsequent spectrum distortion.