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Alexandrite - ALLEXITE
* broad wavelength tuning range of 710 - 800nm
* capability to store and efficiently extract multijoule pulses of energy. 
* thermal shock resistance five times that of Nd:YAG.
Cr, Tm, Ho:YAG
* High-efficiency 2 µm source
* Laser diode sources can be pump the strong 780nm Tm3+ ion absorption line
* Operates in a relatively eye-safe wavelength range
• Lowest threshold and highest slope efficiency of common Erbium doped crystals
• Can be flash lamp pumped via Cr bands or diode pumped via Er bands
• Operates CW, free-running or Q-switched
• The intrinsic crystal disorder increases pump line widths and tunability
• Wide pump band of 600 - 800 nm
• High optical quality
• Operates in a long-wavelength, high water peak region
• Ideal for hard tissue removal
Iron Doped Lithium Niobate
• Strong Photovoltaic Effect
• High Electro-optic Coefficients
• High Photorefractive Sensitivity
• High Diffraction Efficiency
• Grown by Czochralski Method
Lithium Niobate Q-Switch Elements
• Low Wavefront Distortion
• High Extinction Ratio
• Low Transmission Loss
• Super-Polished Optical Faces
• Precise Crystal Orientation
• Low Reflectance AR Coatings
• High Damage Threshold
* Gadolinium Gallium Garnet doped with Neodymium

Nd:YAG (1064nm)
- High Gain, Low Threshold, High Efficiency,
- Low Loss at 1.06 mm,  High Optical Quality,
- Good Mechanical and Thermal Properties

* Low Thermal Lensing
* Large Fluorescence
* Linewidth
* Birfringent
* Capable of High Power or Modelocked Operation
* higher gain cross-section
* lower threshold
* wider Nd absorption peak and polarized output
Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate(PPLN)
• Difference and Sum Frequency Generation
• Broad-Range, Precise Frequency Conversion
• High Conversion Efficiency from Low Peak-Power Laser Sources
• Offers Pathway to Compact Designs for Portable Systems
• Single and Multiple Gratings Available
Yttrium Iron Garnet
• Low Temperature Dependence of Faraday Rotation
• Highly Transparent from 1.2-5mm
• High Q for Microwave Applications
• Grown by Flux Technique
• Superior Properties for both Optical and Microwave Applications