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LN Series Q-Switches

• Employs highest quality LiNbO3 Crystal.
• Hermetically sealed housing.
• A/R coated fused silica protective windows.
• Low insertion loss.
• Minimum capacitance
• No cements or encapsulants.
• Crystal is easilly removable from the housing.

QC Series KD*P Pockels Cell
Series QC Pockels cells utilize crystals with two levels of deuteration, 95 % KD*P and 99 % KD*P. The first type is suitable for switching a Ruby laser (typical quarter-wave voltage 2.2 KV).
QC-8-BR Brewster Pockels Cell
• Lowest Loss.
• Compact size.
• High power handling.
• Transmission300nm~1100nm.
QS-Series BBO Pockels Cells
Series QS BBO Super-Switches have a low insertion loss, resonance free operation, and withstand average powers in excess of 20 KW/cm2 (CW). The AC quarter-wave voltage for 3mm aperture is 4.0 KV at 1064 nm. For extra-cavity use, two crystal Model QS-3-2 is recommended with a half-wave voltage of 4.0 KV. As the wavelength is decreased, this voltage goes down linearly. The unique feature is its extremely low capacitance of less then 2pF, giving a fast rise-time in a 50 ohm impedance system. BBO has a high damage threshold. The crystal faces are AR coated with a proprietary Polymer coating and the BBO is placed between AR coated windows. Model QS-3 is ideal for Q-Switching of high power compact Diode-Pumped Solid State lasers at sub-nanosecond speeds