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CW Near IR Fiber Laser

● Wavelengh : 928nm to 1660nm
928nm 976nm 1028nm 1030nm 1053nm 1064nm 1084nm 1092nm 1120nm 1140nm
1160nm 1166nm 1178nm 1185nm 1240nm 1256nm 1284nm 1294nm 1340nm 1550nm 1660nm
● Powers: 4 W to 100 W
● Narrow linewidth
● TEM00, M2 <1.1
● Power Stability +/- 1% over 24 hours
● Air cooled up to 50 Watts, water cooled for higher power
● Customized wavelengths available


MPBC’s CW NIR Fiber Laser Series is an ideal choice for demanding research and industrial applications with wavelengths available from 976 nm to 1660 nm.

Output power ranges from 1 Watt to 50 Watts in an air-cooled package, and 50 Watts to 100+ Watts in a water-cooled package. Low power models are available in OEM modules for system integration or 2RU-Rack mount enclosures for laboratory use. High power models are available in robust water-cooled rack mount enclosures. The lasers emit narrowband linearly-polarized light and have true diffraction-limited outputs.

All lasers are offered with an intelligent Graphical User Interface for ease of installation, control and monitoring.

A modulation option is also available.