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CW Visible Fiber Laser

MPBC’s CW Visible Fiber Laser Series are an ideal choice for applications where wavelength stability are paramount.

Available wavelengths: 488 nm, 514 nm, 532 nm, 542 nm, 546 nm, 560 nm, 570 nm, 580 nm, 583 nm, 589 nm,
592 nm, 595 nm, 606 nm, 620 nm, 628 nm, 642 nm, 647 nm, 658 nm, 670 nm, 750 nm, 775 nm.

Output power range from 100 mW to 5W CW, and are available in a compact OEM modules for system integration or 2RU-Rack mount modules for laboratory use. All units have the same compact size laser head, making the VFLs easy to integrate for system applications.

CW Near IR Fiber Laser

● Wavelengh : 928nm to 1660nm
928nm 976nm 1028nm 1030nm 1053nm 1064nm 1084nm 1092nm 1120nm 1140nm
1160nm 1166nm 1178nm 1185nm 1240nm 1256nm 1284nm 1294nm 1340nm 1550nm 1660nm
● Powers: 4 W to 100 W
● Narrow linewidth
● TEM00, M2 <1.1
● Power Stability +/- 1% over 24 hours
● Air cooled up to 50 Watts, water cooled for higher power
● Customized wavelengths available

Femtosecond Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers
The Femtosecond Mode Lock Fiber Laser is a compact, high-reliability laser featuring an all-fiber design (no bulk optics) with a center wavelength of 1030 nm at an average output power of 10 mW, repetition rate of 25 MHz with pulse duration of 600 fs.
Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser

MPBC’s line of Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Lasers have been designed to allow users flexibility in their application refinement. With user selectable pulse-widths and repetition rates, these lasers put more options into the hands of the user than traditional lasers with fixed parameters. In addition, the ability to externally trigger pulses on some of the models make these laser an extremely flexible tool.

Based on an all-fiber laser cavity design and offering excellent beam quality and wall plug efficiency, these compact air-cooled lasers are an ideal choice for your application.

  • Repetition Rate: 20 - 40 MHz*
  • Average Power Stability: < 3%
  • Pulse to Pulse Stability: <5%
Picosecond Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers

MPBC’s line of picsosecond passively Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers (MLFL) are designed to address a range of market applications including semi-conductor inspection, micro-machining, metrology, multi-photon spectroscopy, and can be used as a seed source for optical amplifiers, and second harmonic generation.

Based on an all-fiber design, the MLFL  is  highly reliable (10,000 hrs) and maintenance-free.