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Dawa Series Laser (50mJ-300mJ)

- Fundamental wavelength covers 10mJ-300mJ output
- Higher harmonics available
- Module design and easy to use
- Industrial design to ensure long term operation
- Humanization design and easy for integration
- Customization version available

Dawa series is a lamp pumped EO-Q switched nanosecond Nd:YAG laser system with compact size
and high reliability. It is suitable for various kinds of scientific and industrial applications.

Lapa Series Laser(DPSS/Air cooling/80 mJ)
- Diode pumped with 1 billion shots lifetime
- Air cooling without maintenance
- EO-Q switched with accurate timing
- 1064 nm with over 80 mJ energy output
- Higher harmonics available
- Portable design with compact size
- Easy for system integration

Lapa series is a DPSS air cooling EO-Q switched laser aiming for OEM system integration.
Melar Series Laser (ND:Glass,20-300J)
- High energy output up to 300J@ 1053nm
- Heavy electricity security and warning system
- Beam homogenization technology
- Nd:Glass rod thermal compensation technology
- Long life time static vaccum space filter
- High THG efficiency up to 40%
- Customization version available

Melar series systems are high energy Nd: Glass laser systems.
This series are designed specifically for high end scientific research.
Mianna-Q Series Laser (single pulse energy 1-2 J)
- single pulse energy up to 2 J
- Easy switch for dual wavelengths 1064&532 nm
- Patent design with compacy size
- Beam homogenization technology with flat-top beam profile
- Hardened design to ensure long term stability

Mianna-Q series lasers are EO-Q switched nanosecond laser systems
designed specifically for Medical cosmetology.
Nimma Series Laser (400mJ-2000mJ)
- Compact size
- High uniformity of beam profile
- Industrial design to ensure long term operation
- High SHG and UV efficiency
- Bulit to withstand harsh environment
- Easy for system integration

Nimma series lasers are middle energy level Q-switched Nanosecond Nd:YAG laser.
The fundamental wavelength covers energy level from 400mJ to 2000mJ.
This series is suitable for multi kind of industrial and scientific applications.
SGR Series Laser (2J-6J)
- Fumdamental wavelength covers 2J - 6J output
- Higher harmocis available
- Repetition rate up to 50 Hz
- Injection seeded for narrow linewidth
- RS232 and TTL interface for remote or external control
- Invar structure inside

SCR series lasers are high energy EO-Q switched nanosecond pulsed laser systems.
Tolar Series Laser (DPSS/1kHz/30mJ)

- Frequency continuously adjustable from 0.2-10 kHz
- Optical fiber coupler optional
- Stable performance after long time operation
- Rugged industrial design
- Touch screen and easy to use
- Optical fiber coupler optional

Tolar series lasers are DPSS EO-Q switched nanosecond laser systems.

Vlite Series Laser (Dual Pulse)
- Hugh output energy 10mJ-500mJ @532nm
- High repetition rate kHZ available with 30mJ output
- 355 nm and 266 nm optional
- Repetition rate continuously adjustable
- Special design for uniform beam profile
- Low timing jitter ensures timing accuracy
- Laser arm and sheet optics available

Vlite series lasers are dual pulse Q-switched nanosecond laser systems.
This series is specifically designed for PIV applications.